VAANI Award winners List

CONGRATULATIONS to those who won an Award and also to those who PARTICIPATED. THANK YOU. And we hope that you join us again next year.

Sl. No. Name Competition Prize
1 Shreya Nivarty Creative Writing (Under 10) 1st Prize
2 Siddharth Thakur Creative Writing (Under 10) 2nd Prize
3 Sambodhi Jindal Creative Writing (Under 10) 3rd Prize
4 Mia Bhute Creative Writing (Under 10) Judge's Choice
5 Sharoni Thakur Creative Writing (Under 17) 1st Prize
6 Jivya Rajesh Creative Writing (Under 17) 2nd Prize
7 Vinisha Agrawal Creative Writing (Under 17) 3rd Prize
8 Adhya Rajaram Creative Writing (Under 17) Judge's Choice
9 Rekha Dutta Creative Writing (ADULT) 1st Prize
10 Brian Harris Creative Writing (ADULT) 2nd Prize
11 Prajakta Agashe Creative Writing (ADULT) 3rd Prize
12 Richa Jain Jindal Creative Writing (ADULT) Judge's Choice
13 Rajesh Kumar Painting (ADULT) 1st Prize
14 Archana Malhotra Painting (ADULT) 2nd Prize
15 Nikki Pardasani Painting (ADULT) 3rd Prize
16 Sai Keerthan Painting (Under 10) 1st Prize
17 V. Charuvi Painting (Under 10) 2nd Prize
18 Shaunak Singh Painting (Under 10) 3rd Prize
19 Deetya Pardasani Painting (Under 10) Judge's Choice
20 Pulkit Malhotra Painting (Under 17) 1st Prize
21 Shashvat Verma Painting (Under 17) 2nd Prize
22 Vishal Satish Painting (Under 17) 3rd Prize
23 Jivya Rajesh Painting (Under 17) Judge's Choice
24 Adisha Jain Photography (ADULT) 1st Prize
25 Colin Page Photography (ADULT) 2nd Prize
26 Sangeeta Gandhi Photography (ADULT) 3rd Prize
26 Shrishti Jha Photography (Under 17) 1st Prize
27 Arushi Agrawal Photography (Under 17) 2nd Prize
28 Janya Singh Photography (Under 17) 3rd Prize
29 Mrs. Swati Agashe Chess (ADULT) Player of the tournament
30 Puneet Garg Chess (ADULT) Challenger
31 Venkat Subramanyam Chess (ADULT) Runner Up
32 Kirithic Chess (Under 10) Challenger
33 Rayhrn Narula Chess (Under 10) Runner Up
34 Jishnu Rajaram Chess (10-13) Challenger
35 Aekus Narula Chess (10-13) Runner Up
36 Suchir Kohli Chess (13-16) Winner
37 Chandrasekhar Ramanan Short story and Poetry (ADULT) 1st Prize
38 Richa Jain  Short story and Poetry (ADULT) 2nd Prize
39 Manju Chaudhury Short story and Poetry (ADULT) 3rd Prize
40 Sangram Bhosale Short story and Poetry (ADULT) Judge's Choice
41 Arushi Agrawal Short story and Poetry under 17 1st Prize
42 Adhya Rajaram Short story and Poetry under 17 1st Prize
43 Shakshi Jha Short story and Poetry under 17 2nd Prize
44 Janya Singh Short story and Poetry under 17 3rd Prize
45 Pankil Sharma Short story and Poetry under 10 2nd Prize
46 Hasini Vengapalli Short story and Poetry under 10 3rd Prize

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