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As you know VAANI is organising various competitions like Painting, on-the-spot Creative Writing, Chess, Photography and online Short Stories and Poem submissions starting 25th June 2016. [Visit http://www.vaani.org/2016/06/vaani-competitions-25th-june-2016.html for more details.] 

Competitions are followed by Award function and Dance competition on 9th July.

We have an amazing line up of guests attending and distributing awards this year. Some of medias' well known names as well as professional artists will be there. The competitions and award functions are very well attended.

To run successful events we need expert volunteers. In our time of need we have always reached out to the community and found great help and support. We have the following requirements for the events on 25th June and 9th July:

Requirements for 25th June 2016:
  1. 4 event co-ordinators
Requirements for 9th July 2016:
  1. Four Hosts/hostess 
  2. 6 volunteers for backstage co-ordination
  3. 1 volunteer for videography
  4. 4 volunteers for event co-ordination
  5. 2 volunteers for Box office co-ordination
We encourage young adults to volunteer and get involved so that they get first hand experience of being part of the community and learn a new skill that can be included in their CV.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or you would like to discuss anything.
We appreciate your help and support here at VAANI.
Many thanks
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