Have you got the X-Factor?

The Culture Night
Join VAANI in celebrating the 'Culture Night' during Redbridge Book and Media Festival 2013
The VAANI Cultural Night will be on 1st June 2013. The final participants will be decided during the next few weeks.

The Culture Night is to celebrate the 'Cohesion' of different cultures residing in Redbridge. It is to provide a platform to be one in our differences, to perform, gain confidence and hopefully a launch pad for bigger and brighter future for local residents of Redbridge and surrounding area.

VAANI is also a BIG platform for disadvantaged people like people with learning disabilities and Asian women, for them to integrate better within the the fabric of society and a SMALL step towards main stream integration.

Have you got the X Factor?
Show the world what you've got!
We invite both young and old, raw and gold to perform on the night. We are looking for:
  • group dance performances,
  • group song performances,
  • Asian Women group dance/song performances,
  • original Poetry/ Prose recital in any language as long as a short description is given to the audience during the performance.
  • One act play/ skit/ monologue (could be a Comedy)
There will be an Audition and then a final dress rehearsal prior to the event itself. All participants are expected to practice once they've been selected.
To register email Rupam on rupam@vaani.org stating your area of interest.

The closing date for registering is 20th March 2013.

Interested to know more about VAANI? www.vaani.org

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