Manni-From a world beyond stars - A Book Review

The two books 'Manni From the world beyond stars' and 'The Turtles Dream and keys' by Benrali are a collection of verses and illustrations.
Berali has used both his skills as a poet and as an artist to tell his readers a story of friendship and coming of age.

Muted yet colourful images have dream like qualities to them in the twin books. The words add to the magic created by the art.

"Jupiter's colors are like slipper orchids, hard to find in nature. colors that I imagine are a memory of ancient seas, colors that remind me of fish from coral reefs."

The authors love for the Eastern box turtle of North America is evident on each page but sometimes a reader might forget that this story is about a tiny turtle and not about themselves.

"Look at all the patterns in a garden, stars in moss, circles in sand, ivy wings, little hats on mushrooms and sun letters on box turtle shells."

The second book Manni from a World Beyond Stars is more suited for children aged 5-9 as it tells a story along with beautiful and mesmerising illustrations.

The books are best bought as a gift for children or even for adults who like rich art illustrations.

By Smita Singh

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