A pessimistic view on Women's Day

The mention of Women's Day triggers a chain of thoughts in the mind. It raises a few questions. Why do people celebrate?
Is it because they are happy or because they have achieved something or because they are afraid of something and wouldn't like to have it happen to them again?

In the olden time people used to celebrate the onset of colorful spring, good harvesting, beginning of rainy season or other religious festivals. But the modern times has seen the deterioration of relationships. As more of us become individualistic, self centered, the more celebrations of relationships. This is not to put the blame on people but that's how commercialisation has victimised the society and it's roots are evident in every relationship.

Earlier, where the emotions ruled the world, now it's the legal proof that abounds. The rivers of love have dried up and all that's left is the bitter salt of past glory. Some find it easier to manage the relationships along with their busy life and the others are simply too busy to pause.
The speed with which the life goes on in the developed and developing countries is at contradiction with the prolonged life expectancy. As the two genders struggle shoulder to shoulder to survive in this fast paced life, the frictions, the differences melt away and soon there will be a day when there are no men or women.

It is ironic that we celebrate Women's day like we celebrate other obsolete or taken for granted relationships, i.e. mother's day, father's day, valentine's day etc. It's not too far ahead in future where we will be celebrating Men's day as well. One wonders what will happen after that?What will people celebrate after that? Human Day?

By Smita Singh
Image from feministsforchoice.com

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