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Redbridge Book and Media Festival is one of the best and most popular festivals around and it creates a huge platform for all involved reaching around 16,000 residence.
Starting with a fantastic new cultural competition of dancing, singing, writing competitions open to children of ages between 6 to 15 years. The selected groups/individual will perform in our major event during Redbridge Book and Media Festival April 2012 and the finalists will be awarded by invited celebrities. 
For more details please contact Smita on smita@vaani.org.
Please put your name forward as early as possible for practice and better chances of selection.

DONATE and gain goodwill and blessings
Our project SENSE for the people with learning disabilities is working on an Art and Craft initiative supporting Paralympics 2012. The Art works will be exhibited during Redbridge Book and Media Festival 2012. VAANI is a small non-profit organisation working at the grass root level. We thrive on the community support. We will be gratefull if you would like to donate your used/unused colour pencils, crayons, water colour, Acrylics, plain papers or any other Art and craft materials.

Regular Meetings
New year needs new resolutions. VAANI is starting a special young people basic Creative Writing course lasting 10 weeks where children will learn the basic creative writing techniques and will also get a chance to meet and ask questions with a published author. For AGE:7 years and above.

VAANI's Regular Meetings starts from 10th Jan 2012.
SENSE(VAANI) for People with learning disabilities begins 10th Jan 2012 from 10:30am to 12:30 pm at Forest House, Clements Road, Ilford.
VAANI authors meeting is held every other Saturdays starting 14th Jan 2012 from 14:00pm to 15:30pm at COSTA, 1st floor Exchange Mall, Ilford.

If you are interested in attending any of the above meetings, please email info@vaani.org

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