The story of love - Musings

It comes in different ways. 
I always wonder what love is. 
I hear people saying they saw a person and in the very first look they fell in love. 
But I always think why it has not happened to me like that. 
Thanks to relishinglife.comand geishaboy500 for the above pic.
That made me think, is love just a feeling? 
No, in my world love is that which makes you happy in your day to day life. 
Love is peace . 
It makes you calm and creates desire in you. 
It comes like a rainbow and fills colour in our life.
With love you make your own rainbow. 
Love is something which is just not in people but you can see it in animals as well. 
Love is when you care for someone or you miss someone when they are not around  and you feel lonely. Or I think love is never enough to make a complete rainbow.
This is something which you always want and need more. 

by Jyotsna Singh

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