VAANI AGM held on 6th July 2010

Hello All
VAANI had a successful AGM today. Majority of the members were present and took part enthusiastically in all the activities on Agenda.

By voting following members were selected for the positions below and form the VAANI Executive committee 2010:
Chairperson - Smita Singh
General Secretary - Deepika Verma
Secretary - Jyotsna Singh
Secretary - Neelam Jain
ECM(Art and Craft) - Afshan Malik
ECM (Media and other relevant areas) - Sunita Pattani
ECM (Media and other relevant areas) - Daljit Virdi

AGM 6th July 2010 Meeting Agenda
1. General introduction and meeting kick off by Chairperson. Please click here to read Chair person's report on the past year.
2. Nominated Members speeches
3. Voting
4. Counting and appointing
5. Pledge
6. Policies suggestions to the new committee
7. Anthology-who is doing what, writing what-taking account
8. Magazine - VISNOMY- making the plan-what should be in it, may be doing a market research?
9. 8th Oct 2010 event- discussion and planning
10. Weekly meetings - format and chairing
11. Thanks by Chairperson

Light refreshments was served during the meeting.
Minutes of the meeting
  1. The name of the future magazine VISNOMY was approved by all members unanimously. 
  2. A VAANI Spring festival was decided from next year.
  3. The ECM (Media) will be arranging for VAANI to have a stall in another Festival in the Park to get the word out in the coming month of August 2010.
  4. A new format of the weekly meetings was decided upon.
  5. a. Catch up time -15 mins
  6. b. Positive thinking - 15 mins
  7. c. Writing exercise warm up.
  8. d. Constructive criticism of each others work.
  9. e. Discussion and writing on any chosen topic.
  10. It was also decided that the members will take turns to chair the meetings.
  11. Anthology and VISNOMY was also discussed in detail and all members were reminded of the looming deadline.
All in all it was well attended and very constructive meeting for all. A big thank you goes to all the members for their support.
Thanks to Nandini Jawli General Secretary 2009 and Asifa Hussain Secretary 2009 for their unwavering support to the group.
Heartiest Congratulations to all the selected Executive committee members as well as other members for having successfully chosen their representative.
An Executive Committee meeting will be taking place soon to review VAANI's policies and procedures and to introduce chosen members to their duties formally.
Many Thanks
Smita Singh

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