Because All is Not Lost - A Book Review

'Because All is Not Lost' by Sweta Vikram Srivastava is a humble book. Although it's a slim book with words floating by smoothly, don't go just by the looks. These few pages carry a burden large enough to drown a mountain. Every word leaves a long-lasting impact on the soul of the reader, almost taking them unawares. Each word treads elephant like heavy yet firm straight towards its destination, your heart.
Reader are sure to find something in the book with which they could relate to, something to feel close to and something to be reassured with. Even those who do not read poetry would understand instinctively the pathos and the twinkling rays of hope in these poetry.

The poetess Sweta has let her heart open to her readers, her vulnerability visible in each of the poems. The book itself is a multitude of emotions bound together by a string of hope. While, 'A note to the biggest thief in this world' is a hopeful poetry in the book which promises the readers "To cherish the lush meadow of what's left behind and not roam dark alleys where phantoms bite like rodents, " on the other hand you have pounding heavily on your chest, 'Don't talk to strangers' and 'Beginning of the End.'
On one hand you have the fast paced 'A different Kind of Thanksgiving' "His blindside, her wrong side. Halt. Shrieks. Blood. Permanent stain." telling a story of anguish yet to be felt and on the other you have 'Lesson Learnt' which says, "Today, I am that age where I can throw rocks at the ocean all night. Swallow fumes of adulthood. But I don't."

This book is for all those who have lost someone close to their heart and also for those who fear loosing someone close. Poetess Sweta's poetry has the power to play with the fear residing inside of us and then leave us gaping with a hope, just like a roller coaster ride. 

A review by Smita Singh

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