Lava in the Heart

in one’s 
heart can be 
suppressed anger, 
feelings-negative or positive, 
thoughts  that a person doesn’t get 
chance to express in a way which would 
have helped or will help him/her to grow into a 
charming personality. It can be a deep wound. It needs to 
be healed.  It can be deep love ‘n’ affection for someone-something 
one wants to show.  May be for some, it’s great desire to share 
one’s knowledge and experiences with someone to help 
them make better decisions in life or be a better 
person. Whatever, if at all this is; if a person 
is able to wipe out all the lava 
from one’s heart in a 
positive way then 
“Lava” will turn 
into “Love” 
and that’s 

By Neema

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