When you are in hell

I am sitting on my single bed alloted to me. My head looks gaunt and my neck is longer like never before. I look pretty like never before up to the fashion standards, size zero. Historically I've been overweight until recently. Until recently I had everything in extra. Until recently I didn't had the one thing that I never wanted. Since its onset I have kept on loosing one thing after another from hair to weight to breast to appetite to lovers to memories. 

Its said that both heaven and hell are here on this earth, we do not have to go too far or to wait too long to be there. Although people always mistake this as an after effect of death and are merrily whiling away their life with the idea that whose seen what's heaven or hell. I believe in it as I've been to both. I don't mind loosing at all, I know I'm doing my time in hell. 

But there is one thing that I think is really cruel and that's the denial of a cup of coffee. One day they say its good for cancer then next day its not. I say, does it really matter when you are in hell.

By Smita Singh on CRUEL

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