When you are in hell

I am sitting on my single bed alloted to me. My head looks gaunt and my neck is longer like never before. I look pretty like never before up to the fashion standards, size zero. Historically I've been overweight until recently. Until recently I had everything in extra. Until recently I didn't had the one thing that I never wanted. Since its onset I have kept on loosing one thing after another from hair to weight to breast to appetite to lovers to memories. 

Its said that both heaven and hell are here on this earth, we do not have to go too far or to wait too long to be there. Although people always mistake this as an after effect of death and are merrily whiling away their life with the idea that whose seen what's heaven or hell. I believe in it as I've been to both. I don't mind loosing at all, I know I'm doing my time in hell. 

But there is one thing that I think is really cruel and that's the denial of a cup of coffee. One day they say its good for cancer then next day its not. I say, does it really matter when you are in hell.

By Smita Singh on CRUEL


Valentine's day

A heartiest wish of infinite bundles of love to all the members and the visitors of Vaani. 


On killing a woman

There are many ways to kill;

The short sharp shock of the battlefield bullet
Intent on piercing its way through tissue and bone
Till it arrives at its final destination;
Spent of venom,
And gives kindly relief

Then there is the drum full of caged liquid fire
Lovingly licking all accessible tender skin, hair and eyes;
Barbequed flesh done to perfection.

Finally there are words and fists in equal measure
Each a little death in itself but not quite;
Only the laboured breaths know
Of the agony of waiting for the next
Until surrender to oblivion’s tender embrace.

By Gopali Ghosh on CRUEL


The cruel Moon by Robert Graves

The cruel Moon hangs out of reach
Up above the shadowy beech.
Her face is stupid, but her eye
Is small and sharp and very sly.
Nurse says the Moon can drive you mad?
No, that’s a silly story, lad!
Though she be angry, though she would
Destroy all England if she could,
Yet think, what damage can she do
Hanging there so far from you?
Don’t heed what frightened nurses say:
Moons hang much too far away.



Calling to all the Asian women writers to write on the word 'cruel' for the month of February 09. Haven't we all been subjected to one or the other form of cruelty be it so small like being denied the time for a beauty nap due to work pressure or something huge like being denied to voice your opinion in a home setting or work setting. We feel this emotions sometimes genuinely and sometimes its just a whiff of a feeling. Here is a chance for you all to put words to that unnamed, unacknowledged flighty feelings, so please let your imagination free and paint the upcoming posts with your work of art!

Smita Singh

Smita Singh is the Chairperson and Treasurer of Vaani. She initiated the movement called Vaani, a platform for Asian women writers to meet, to exchange, to share ideas.

She has a first class Masters degree in English Literature and a variety of experiences of working in the city at various levels. At the moment she teaches post graduate class in one of the colleges in London.

She writes short stories, novels and blogs like mad! You can find her on www.kaali.wordpress.com and off course here at Vaani.

She thinks that Asian women writers need to be encouraged to keep going, to never leave faith and to be given opportunities to come up and be heard. So who are we to say no:))

Nandini Jawli

Nandini Jawli is one of the Executive committee members of Vaani.

She is among the first ones to support the idea of the group.

She is a journalist by profession. She also writes fiction whereas her main interest lies in novel writing. She believes in hard work, commitment and dedication to the art of writing.

Hema Macherla

Hema Macherla was born in the rural village of Atmakur, Andhrapradesh, India. She came to the UK in 1977 speaking very little English. She lives with her husband in London and has two grown up children. She has published 25 short stories and a number of articles in Indian magazines. Breeze from The River Manjeera is her first novel.

Breeze from The River Manjeera
Breeze from the River Manjeera tells the story of the engaging Neela who arrives in England as a bride for the brutal Ajay. The life that awaits Neela is a far cry from her hopes and expectations. Treated worse than a servant by her in-laws, and unwanted by her husband, she finally escapes in search of independence and freedom. The novel explores in a personal, moving way the issues around the deep-rooted traditions of arranged marriages and the struggle for young women like Neela to find love and happiness.

If you would like to buy the book then please follow the link below

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