Gopali Ghosh

Gopali Ghosh is a valuable member of Vaani. Here is her vaani...

The women who live in my stories have their genesis in the experiences I have had and the shared experiences of my fellow women.
They are women who have loved and struggled to come to terms with life in an alien land where the only strength they have had to rely on is their own. Some of these stories were inspired by people I saw at airports, at shopping malls and the recycling centre! The thematic connection between all these women is that they have a life beyond the one prescribed for them by society, which they have had to discover through pleasant or unpleasant means but they have all ended up as being the stronger for it. My agenda is not an overtly feminist one, but one where women discover the latent strength within themselves.
My name is Gopali Ghosh. I have lived in the UK for 16 years and have taught English Literature and Language for some time now in various schools.

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