Wailings of Love

Where are you
the star of purple nights?
My heart cries
for the axis of its being.
Eyes pour oceans,in search of the pearl,
breaths come and go
yet fails the living air.
Body becomes a machine,
devoid of love's burning lamp.
Each sigh is a call
to the one far away;
the one hiding behind satin veils.
Bells chime only
to rhyme his name,
leaves ruffle,
whisper in pain.
Fire is burning bright,
flames rise to lighten his path.
Love comes calling
riding on remembrance,
memories down the lane,
streets, cities, countries
I cross alone, alone,
in search of my beloved soul.
Where are you?
Come before I vanish,
perish as the vapour on wax.
Let me behold you
one last time,
before my eyes fail,
come before the last wailing
of my dying self!

-by Nandini

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