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Our Vaani

The Sanskrit word for inner voice, touches the strings of heart, the deep senses and the vocal chords before flowing in the stream of words.
Vaani can recite poems or transform into prose. It can be heard, read or felt ; in every form it splashes the sensibilities, nourishes the spirit and transforms the emotions into pearls of words.
Vaani symbolises the name of the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and art. It is beauty, aesthetics and reasoning personified.
Vaani's shade is pure, pristine white, the colour which can sparkle any verse with its radiance.
Let our Vaani; the true voice of our soul, be our muse.

Vaani is an Asian women writers and their supporters group in the UK. We are very dedicated to our craft. The group consists of women writers from all walks of society. We will keep you posted with all our activities on this website.

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