Tribute to Brides Gone and Girls Unborn - a poetry by Gurmit Kaur

The invisible hands that connect us.
That connects all people.
2nd Prize winner of VAANI Painting Competition 2014
by Gurmit Kaur
Let me hold you.
With these invisible hands, let me embrace you.
In sublime mediation on earth, in the ethers reaching out
To all those girls who through brutally left mother earth
In the invisible ethers I have not forgotten you
My mind expands to embrace you and care for you
Beloved daughters of the earth that feed the soil with you tears
Let me hold you in my embrace as my heart touches’ yours
Let these invisible hands hold yours as children of mother earth.
Mother earth wipes who away the tears
In her embrace and embraces us for eternity.

by Gurmit Kaur

Around 200 young girls are buried alive in India purely for drowry

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