Celebrate Peace

Celebrate PEACE with VAANI
Join us on 26th April 2014 in an exciting Cultural extravaganza!
Venue: Ursuline High School Ilford Hall, Time: 7:00pm onwards, dinner provided 
Ticket: £5 per person
We are back, and this year let's celebrate peace in remembrance of WWI. We invite people from different cultural background to show their interpretation of peace and celebration and come together on one stage. Dance performances, skits, musical performances, song performances and poetry readings are welcome.
Cultural Event Participants Entry closes on 31st March 2014.

We are running various competitions for Redbridge residents, please show your support by participating in them. The theme for all the competition below is
"Celebration of PEACE"
The winners will be announced during the event on 26th April 2014.
Interested? Want to know more? Visit our website: www.vaani.org

Early Registration advised for Painting and Salad decoration competition due to limited space.
Contact Smita on info@vaani.org to book your tickets or register

Painting Competition
5th April 2014
14:00pm - 16:00pm
Entry: £1
1st floor Ilford Central Library
Judges: Jason Rose, Amber 
Rules: Bring your own colours, pencil, art materials, etc.
Only paper provided.
Three age groups:

  1. Under 10 years
  2. Under 17 years
  3. Adult
Photography Competition
Last date to submit your digital entries: 25th March 2014
Email submissions to: submissions@vaani.org
Rules: Short listed entries will be asked to provide printed copy of photographs.
Include a 50 words narrative regarding your idea.
Judges: TBC
Three age groups:

  1. Under 10 years
  2. Under 17 years
  3. Adult

Short Story and poetry competition
last date to submit: 25th March 2014
Email submissions to: submissions@vaani.org
Judges: Hema Macherla, Birri Shangha
Three age groups:

  1. Under 10 years
  2. Under 17 years
  3. Adult

Salad decoration Competition
Date: 5th April 2014
10:30am to 12:00pm
Ilford Central Library
Rules: Bring all your raw materials and tools with you.
All whole vegetables and
fruits only. No peeled, shredded, ready cut materials.
Judge: Afshan Malik, TBC
Age groups: Adults only


  1. event on April 26, 2014 which is tomorrow and so anxious for everything.

  2. a great plan for peace anniversary celebration of Vaani, contests are many people responded to participate, it will surely be a great day.


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