Shishya by Birri Sangha- A Book Review

'Let me sing you like you've never been sung before.
And bring back the music to my soul once more.'

The book Shishya has the aim to do just that. Birri Sangha has taken the forgotten step towards looking within. Its a thick book but hey who said journey to the soul was ever going to be short? The poems reflect the deep questions that many of us avoid asking even to ourselves. The author asks the readers to surrender to the larger force out there and he reassures them that in return the journey of the soul towards self realisation is an amazing result. A blend of philosophy and simplicity is the strength of this book.

'If I am only a drop
In the Oceans Flowing
How much am I
Is it worth knowing?
In the bigger picture
the total scheme
What value is placed
on my dreams.'

A soul's effort, anguish, and love for the Almighty almost takes the nature of lovers,

'You are a window
You are a door.
I love your eyes, your hair and the integrity in your skin
But I love, more, the soul within
I too am naked and bare
Waiting to be wrapped in your prayer.'

The self realisation is evident when the author says,

'I look in the mirror
And I see
The changes
I must make in me.'
The book ends with a plea to the readers
'I wonder how many souls will die today
How many hearts and eyes will cry today?
Most of the calculations are also applied deep inside
Of your soul and heart
You will end up as portions, pieces and parts.'

All in all a very interesting collections of poems, each of them are a unique inspiring gem in their own respect. This book is for all those who dare to look deep within and develop an eye for the soul and also for those who dabble with the idea.

A book review by Smita Singh

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