Coming up...the Emirateslitfest

V are delighted to announce that the dates for the Emirates Literature Festival have been announced and the list of the authors taking part is now in place. The dates are 8th to 12th March 2011.

Please expect last minute changes as is the norm of the huge events like this.
For more information please visit here.

Its been very successful in the last two years of its existence.
The Main Programme is the heart of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature: a series of talks, interviews and debates featuring authors from all over the world. The 2011 Programme is bigger than ever, with more than 80 events planned for five days of Festival activity.
Main Programme tickets will be on sale from January 10th 2011.

V look forward to the array of authors and talking about them here at VAANI.

Watch Huma Price Talk show

Huma Price talks about Work Permit and the UK laws based on it in her talk show called 'Adalat'
on Venus TV, Sky channel 805 at 21:00 pm tonight.

Please visit her here to know more or to contact her.


Zaiba Malik in conversation

Zaiba Malik is an award-winning investigative journalist who has worked on some of the BBC and Channel 4's most acclaimed radio and TV documentaries. She was recently named as one of the twenty most influential black and Asian women in the UK. “We are a Muslim, Please” is a funny and poignant memoir of her early years growing up in Bradford in the 70’s and 80’s.

Listen to her read from her book and get involved by taking part in the Question and Answer session. To know more about her please visit her HERE at her website.

Admission: £2.50 (Complimentary tickets available for VAANI members)
Time: 7.15pm - 9pm
Venue: Central Library, Ilford
Enquiries: 020 8708 2737 or 020 8708 2537


Launch of the first Annual Anthology

Congratulations to all the contributors of the Anthology, VAANI members, and all Asian women Authors on the launch of the first Annual Anthology.

VAANI has pleasure announcing the successful launch of SAME DIFFERENCE.
We had the honour of having esteemed guests like Deputy Mayoress of Redbridge Councillor Mrs Ruth Clark, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Hema Macherla, Bhavit Mehta and many other prominent figures of the industry taking part in the event.

'Same Difference is our first important step towards establishing VAANI in the forefront and we are immensely proud of ourselves for achieving this in such a short period of time.' Said the Chairperson of VAANI Smita Singh.

'Congratulations to Smita, VAANI and all its members for having achieved this fantastic feat. The cover of the book looks very interesting and I’m sure to find it an interesting read. Organisations like this not only help increase the awareness among the Asian Women but also helps them to integrate better in the society as more of us know their opinions and their way of life.
My best wishes are with you and hope you keep on progressing with the speed that you have reached here at this stage. And one day we might see you among the best of the industry.' Said the Deputy Mayoress Councillor Mrs Ruth Clark.

'VAANI is creating opportunities for those who need it the most. Its giving voice to the mute yet very large section of the society, the Asian women. VAANI has a long way to go so keep heading forward and working as hard as you are doing now.' opined Bhavesh Mehta Director of DSC South Asian Literature Festival.

'I was delighted to be asked to speak at the launch of Vaani’s first anthology, Same Difference, a passionate collection from new and established authors, with a rainbow of themes from the intimate to the patriotic. Vaani means the voice, and what this collection promises to do is give voice to Asian women, as individuals representing their communities, and as a literary force within the UK and abroad.' Said Roopa Farooki.

'VAANI is the most active and pro-progress group in Redbridge.' said Nick Dobson Head of Ilford Central Library.

'VAANI's Anthology 'Same Difference' is a true reflection of an intelligent Asian Woman.'

'The cover of 'Same Difference' is very evocative and unique.'

'The variety of styles of writing is something to look forward to in this Anthology.'
These were some of the comments overheard during the function.

The event started with the melodious voice of Rita Morar invoking the good spirits and angels to bless us all.

After the chief guests speeches, Art and delicious Asian food that included Thai chicken green curry served with boiled rice, Japanese delicately rolled shushi, Zarda(sweet rice) from Pakistan, punjabi chhole on pilaf rice from India etc, was served to the guests.

Artists who took active part in the Art Exhibition with their wonderful paintings, and eye catching crafts, embroidery and knitwear, were Ruchi Kulshestra, Amber Malik, Dipeeka Srivastava, Jyotsna Singh, Day services for Asian Women, Kay Bhogal, and Rupam Srivastava.

The hall was jam packed with interested audience. VAANI would like to thank all those who attended the event and made it such a grand success. The book SAME DIFFERENCE flew off the shelves in no time!
CLICK HERE for the photos!!!

So thanks to all the authors, artists and audience, VAANI appreciates your enthusiasm, faith and support. Please keep it coming and V promise you to never let you down.

Lots of LOVE to all
For more information please contact
Smita Singh
at smita@vaani.org


VAANI Celebrates October 2010

For the first time Asian Women all over the World have come together to show the mirror to the Asian Communities settled away from the country of their origin. They talk about 'Conflicts within Asian Communities' a truth sweeped under the carpet.

16th October 2010 is the launch of SAME DIFFERENCE

Have a look at all that's in store tomorrow's event. Start time:18:30 pm to 21:00 pm. Venue: Glouscester Room, Ilford Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford. Its five minutes walk from Ilford Station towards Cineworld.


VAANI celebrating DSC South Asian Literature Festival 2010

At VAANI we are celebrating Britain's first major Festival that is focused on South Asian Literature...

15th Oct 2010 to 31st Oct 2010
Venues across London from British Library to King's Place and many more...

Authors like Chetan Bhagat, Amit Chaudhuri, Bhavit Mehta, Craig Jenkins, Daisy Hasan, Frukh Dhondy, Fatima Bhutto, Kishwar Desai and many more are taking part.

VAANI's Upcoming Event on 16th October 2010 is part of the DSC South Asian Literature Festival. 
Roopa Farooki, Sweta Srivastava Vikram and Hema Macherla are our chief guests and also part of the DSC South Asian Literature Festival.

To find out more and to book your tickets, please visit DSC South Asian Literature Festival.

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