Kaleidoscope - A Book Review

Sweta Srivastava Vikram has had another of her poetry collection published recently called Kaleidoscope An Asian Journey of Colours. The Chapbook is made special by the amazing idea behind the poems. Sweta tells the reader the story of color that has the pleasure and pain of growing up, of love and of desire and also of the death of these trancient phases, gradually like a raisin but even in death life has a colour. Sweta's verses lure the readers into the mythical world of Gods and Godesses and the birth of the color in the begining of the book.

'Few suns ago, Latin, the goblet of romantic lexis created
a recipe for color and poured it into verbal-moulds
so the echo could traverse the human orifice, the Ganges' and

Then slowly the poems take a life of their own and although the words are still sweet, the images and metaphors innocent, a sense of forboding looms. 

My marigold heart, a few kisses old,
echoes the thunder and confesses
to the transient spell of beauty, tulips -
“Me knows, he wasn’t a blunder.”

Each color tells a different story within the story of the extraordinary life of an Asian Woman. Red and yellow tells of puberty and wedding, pink of innocent virginity, brown of chocolate of desire, blue when the rocks take her down and
'A smile adorns my visage, an embalmed cadaver rotting
from the inside. Societal worms laying maggots in my soul
and gnawing on them until I relinquish all desire.
I am sixty, not dead; not beige, color me red.'

The most outstanding of all the poems in the boook is 'Reflecting on Iridescence in Mama’s Wardrobe'
It has the gaity of a toddler and frivolousness of innocence, same in youth and same in death. The last para sums it all up quiet aptly when the author says she hid behind mother's black saree and 'I'm ready for the next destination' as in life we come from our mother's womb so in death we go back to where we came from and 'Shades halt narration.'
Sweta has woven such a spell with her word usage and the symbolisms that the most complex becomes the simplest of all, just as all colors when mixed, end up being just black. The end that Sweta narrates is not gloomy but something mysterious where words fail to convey meaning.
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Review by Smita Singh


Sneak Peek!!! Same Difference - New voices of asian women writers

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The Flowing River - Book Review

The Flowing River by Manju Chaudhuri is a passionate recount of a life long struggle and the enthusiasm to face whatever comes with a staggering power.

Inspite of the book categorised a non-fiction, it flows smoothly just like the rivers Kansho, Ganges and Thames mentioned as the subtitle of the book. The girl Sumana's determination holds the reader spell bounded. A rich Bengali cultural heritage is evident through out the book in the language used as well as the scenes created by the author.

The main characters are like birds raring to fly high inspite of the obstacles ahead, always facing towards a better future. The readers are recommended to read this book if looking for some inspiration. Please click here to buy the book from Amazon or direct from the publishers.

By Smita Singh


VAANI Anthology Short List Announced!!

The short listed Authors for VAANI's 1st Anthology are as below. 

Sweta Srivastava Vikram
Farhana Shaukat
Pooja Shah
Elsa Valmidiano
Gayatri Tandon
Abha Iyengar
Vida Mia Valverde
Athena Kashyap
Sonia Sarkar
Imee Cuison
Gopali Ghosh
Jyotsna Singh
Manju Chaudhuri
Suneetha Bala
Hema Macherla
Rupam Shrivastava
Sunita Pattani

Our heartiest Congratulations to all concerned. We are much obliged for this fntastic chance to read a variety of submissions from all over the world. Our heart felt thanks goes to all those who submitted their works for consideration. This was the most difficult decision to make a short list out of many praise worthy submissions. We tried to have one piece of work on each issue concerning the theme. The reason for non-selection would be simply that either there were too many good ones on the same topic or that the work was not entirely related to the theme. Please don't give up and keep on writing and submiting and one day it will all work out. Our best wishes are always with all the writers. Please email info@vaani.org for any further information.


BOOK LAUNCH on 10th September 2010

Coming Up - BOOK LAUNCH!!

Hope you are all in good shape and enjoying the last day of the summer vacation. As a good bye gesture to the wonderful summer VAANI has organised a book launch for our own member
Manju Chaudhuri.

Please drop in to support her on the launch of her book '
The Flowing River.'

Our heartiest
CONGRATULATIONS to Manju on her fantastic achievement!!

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Please see below for details of the event.

Time:  Tomorrow
Friday 10th September 2010 from 14:30 to 19:30 pm

Location:   The Foyer, Ilford Central Library
Please visit any time between 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm to meet and get your personal signed copy of inspirational book based on the author's own life.

Author interview by Smita Singh at 5:00pm and at 6:45pm followed by Question and Answer session. Audience  welcome to participate.
Light Refreshment provided.

Manju Chaudhuri has written a heart warming saga of a life full of struggle entwined with the dream to give back something valuable to the world.

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