VAANI member Manju Chaudhuri's published!!

Our member Manju Chaudhuri's published by Austin & Macaulay and her novel "The Flowing River" is releasing this month.

About the book

From being a young Bengali girl to Sumana's later life in Calcutta, India, The Flowing River is a factually based novel that relayed a vivid account of a girl's will and determination to succeed. Set in a world that delivers few rights for women, it follows her struggle as she questions a conservatives and uncompromising society.
As she endeavours to educate herself and strive for a way forward in life, she must endure the torment and hardship of her female status, whilst maintaining her will to move towards a more rewarding future.
Manju Chaudhuri delivers a novel on her own experiences of life in two worlds, east and West and a women's struggle to succeed against all odds. Her words will engage the reader with tales of sorrow and determination, from the life of a young girl to an educated and dignified woman, The Flowing River is a gripping and inspirational tale that will captivate the reader.

About The Author

Manju Chaudhuri was born in East Bengal (present Bangladesh). Later she moved to Calcutta, India to pursue her higher education. She has lived and worked in England since 1971. Now she is a retired teacher. Her published work includes GCSE Bengali texts, children's bilingual stories and other teaching resources. The Flowing River was previously published as Kangsho Ganga Thames in Bengali in India.

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