Coming UP - Workshop with Sunita Bhogal

Most people think their weight problems are all to do with food, but the real truth is that there are 3 essential components that you have to consider...

Picture this – preferably as a cartoon scene:

Sam wakes up one morning to find that the sun is shining beautifully. She feels excited knowing that the new season is bringing in the much anticipated, brighter weather. Later that day she decides that she wants to plant some red flowers, red after all, is her favourite colour. So, she goes to the garden shop down the road and buys some flower seeds to plant. She comes home and gets to work, eagerly planting the seeds, knowing that in a few weeks, her garden again will be blooming with red flowers.
And so a few weeks pass...Sam awakens one morning to find that the flowers have started to blossom, but to her amazement, they are not red. They are yellow. Disappointed by her findings, she goes downstairs and plans to change things. She wants red flowers. So, over the next few weeks she tries really hard to get the flowers to turn red. She gives them special plant food, waters them more than usual, she even tries to ‘think’ them red, but even with all this effort, she has no luck. After three weeks, the flowers are still yellow, and Sam is very frustrated.
        Imagine if this were to happen in real life. How absurd would it be trying to change the colour of a flower, without planting the correct seed? But, and here’s the bombshell...if we wouldn’t consider doing that with a flower, then why do we do it where our weight is concerned? Here is the bottom line:


        Phew! I hope you got that loud and clear! When we go to change our weight alone (and it’s worth pointing out that many of us do succeed...for about two minutes....), there is a part of us that still remains empty, painful and unaddressed. How long is it going to take people to realise that diets are not our long-term solution? If they were, we wouldn’t have a nation of overweight people.
        Ok, so now that we’ve established that most important point that DIETS DON’T WORK! We need to know what does work, so let’s take a look...

Get ready to be surprised by the amazing insight into our psyches!

You are invited to the workshop conducted by upcoming non-fiction writer and VAANI member Sunita Bhogal.

She will share her passion for writing, chocolate cakes and the big idea behind her book 'My Secret Affair with Chocolate cake' There will be some interactive activities as well, so please bring along a notepad and a pen.

Both members and non-members are welcome. Early booking is advised as seats are limited. Entry fee paid on the door £2.00 for members and £3.00 for non-members. Please email info@vaani.org for bookings.

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