Experts want sex education from age four to cut teen pregnancies-5th July 2008 Guardian

Experts want sex education from age four to cut teen pregnancies-5th July 2008 Guardian


I was amazed reading this news article on Guardian. There are many question that arise in the mind while reading it.

Shall we start educating sex to toddlers so that they can have safe sex even when they should not be having any?

Is earlier sex education the real answer to the problems of early teenage pregnancies?

Are we really worried about this issue or we are just trying to pull the wool over the issue?

The Brook chief executive, Simon Blake,told the BBC: “Many young people are having sex because they want to find out what it is, because they were drunk or because their mates were.” He added: “All the evidence shows that if you start sex and relationships education early - before children start puberty, before they feel sexual attraction - they start having sex later. They are much more likely to use contraception and practise safe sex.”

This statement only raise one question in my mind,

If young children want to find out what it is and they need to be drunk to do that then isn’t it better to stop providing them with alcohal at such a young age instead of giving them contraceptives?

To answer my own questions when I delved deep into myself I was faced with more questions.

Aren’t we supposed to get love and relationship education from our families, our parents, at least the amount of knowledge that a toddler would need? If yes then it means that the family or the parents are not capable of putting strong enough role model for kids to follow.

It seems to me that as a society we have become so selfish that all other rich emotions have lost on us. We have left everything on government not only our financial and social wellbeing but our personal wellbeing. We have forgotten that a society is made up by people like us not by the policies of government. The policies are made to help organise ourselves better not visa versa.

As a society we have forgotten that we should be providing role models to our children. The smallest unit being the family. In our society family is the most threatened unit. There’s no respect for each other in our society and no sanctity. I don’t think a government policy can be strong enough to teach these qualities to children. Parents need to take more initiative, instead of being busy with their own life and problems, give priority to children.

If you have a look at the society, the moment you walk out of the house you see couples entangled in various stages of sexual positions. You cannot stop children from seeing these displays of sex. Being curious is natural for them. Instead of providing contraceptives to them so that they can copy the adults safely why not ban adults from displaying sex in the public? Isn’t that a better option?

Why can’t adults learn somethings and change their ways so that kids copy something good from them instead of forcing kids to know something that they aren’t ready for yet?

Please let me know your thoughts.

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