Is the concept of freedom overrated?

As Kant says 'All preparations of reason, therefore..., are in reality directed to these three problems only God, the soul and freedom.' 'The ultimate intention of nature, in her wise provision was really, in the constitution of our reason directed to the moral interest only.' Well everyone has got their own ideas of freedom. Many believe that they are by far freer than any other. Freedom could only be measured in percentage. But the ultimate freedom is the freedom from the reason that tells you that you are free. Freedom from thought. Impossible. If you reason about freedom than you are no longer free.
Western world has the notion that being individualistic is a step towards ultimate freedom. But it’s only a notion! People suffer isolation, heartache and neurosis due to this notion. Is that what is real freedom?
Look at the eastern concept of freedom via spirituality. Following their path is not only a hardship but attaining it is rarity. Only a few attain a certain degree of freedom, which is comparatively higher than the normal. Even those who do this are on one level may be free from the worldly attachment but still be in pursuit of the intangible enlightenment, hence not free.
When thinking starts, no sooner does the reason follow. Whether it is to choose the path towards freedom or the reason to attain it. And when the planning starts the head is no longer free. Its just a migration from one state to another. How can one state of mid could be more free than the the other? It could be better but free? As every state of mind has its own restrictions, constraint and parameters.
And as long as there are restraints, constraints and parameters, there would be reason. When the mind is in the tentacles of reason its never free. As long as the life goes on the mind alters between one state to the other thinking it would be better than the last one. The reason prevails even in the best of these free states to defend its freedom.
In conclusion only death could be the ultimate freedom.

by Smita Singh

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