Art Rendezvous

Inspite of my phobia of claustrophobic atmosphere, when I entered the packed space in the national gallery, I suddenly found myself surrounded, just by beautiful paintings. Some paintings were so inspiring they made me put the pen to the paper.

One of them was Camille Pissarro's 'The Boulevard Montmartre at night.' (see the painting)
My scribbling:
I could see the city lights ahead of me calling me to be the part of the bright and shining festivity. The beautiful streetlight cuts the road sword-like in half. The bright yellow of the roadside stores are hiding the ominous tall grey buildings behind. The sky is so dark, it’s ready to gobble up all the colours and make it all grey. I feel apprehension running down my spine. I don’t want to be in this bright city. I’d rather be in the dark.
by Smita Singh/Users/smitarajesh/Desktop/favicon.ico

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