VAANI Competitions 2018

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21st April 2018  
Chess Championship, Creative writing and Painting Competition

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30th June 2018 
Singing (solo and Group), Dance (solo and Group), Just-a-Minute Competition

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Other important dates for your diary

22nd September 2018 - Art Exhibition 
6th Oct 2018 - Shortlisted Authors Night 
3rd Nov 2018 - VAANI AWARDS 

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VAANI Competitions 2018 - 21st April 18

Please register interest as soon as possible to avoid disapointment.

Date: 21st April 2018
Time: 10.30am to 6.00pm
Venue: York Room & Gloucester Room in Ilford Central Library
Food Stalls (Please bring lots of change)
Entry fee: £3 per person per competition
Age groups: (5 years to 10 years) (11 years to 16 years) and (17years and adult) for all competitions.

Theme: "Make a noise" and "Things that you feel for the most"

VAANI is a non-profit charitable volunteer run organization. We encourage people to enjoy Art and culture by participating in various competitions run through out the year. At the end of the year we Award the winners by organizing a grand and prestigious VAANI AWARDS NIGHT.

Schools interested to propose Art students who deserve recognition and deserve an award please contact us by 20th September for more details and entry.

A select few paintings from the competition will get an opportunity to be exhibited along with professional Artists during VAANI Art Exhibition.

Ilford Central Library will laminate a select few stories from Creative writing Competition and display them in the library foyer and on the library tv.

All Winners will be notified at least a few weeks before the Awards Night. They are expected to attend the Award Night for them to be awarded by dignitaries and enjoy the proud moment. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding we are unable to provide send/collection of the awards on a later date.

Chess Competition                       

Contact Robin Thakur on 07984876280
Time: 10.30am to 1.00pm

Creative Writing Competition     

Contact Vinod Agrawal on 07958288220
Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm
Theme as above

****Please bring your own paper, pen and eraser
No prior written notes allowed in the room******

Painting Competition                  

Contact Archana Jha on 07738983808
Judges – 2 Judges
Time: 3.45pm to 5.300pm
Theme as above

****Please bring your own colours, pen, pencil, brushes and eraser
We will provide you with papers but you can bring canvas etc if so desired. 

No prior markings, stickers, paints or drawings on the canvas or paper will be accepted inside the hall.



Meghana Sengupta was the recepient of the prestigious VAANI ASIAN WOMAN ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD during the VAANI AWARDS NIGHT on 26th Nov 2017.

Congratulations Meghana!!

List of winners of all the VAANI Competitions in 2017

Sl. No. Name Competition Prize
1 Meghna Singing - Solo (Under 5) 1st Prize
2 Akshatha Aravind Singing - Solo (Under 5) 2nd Prize
3 Adhya Singing - Solo (Under 5) 3rd Prize
4 Dhruv Rai Singing - Solo (Under 10) 1st Prize
5 Kavya Mathur Singing - Solo (Under 10) 2nd Prize
6 Kavya Ladhe Singing - Solo (Under 10) 3rd Prize
7 Maithri Krishnan Singing - Solo (Under 16) 1st Prize
8 Manveer Singing - Solo (Under 16) 2nd Prize
9 Janya Singh Singing - Solo (Under 16) 3rd Prize
10 Devjot Singh Singing - Solo (ADULT) 1st Prize
11 Jegapritha Ravichandran Singing - Solo (ADULT) 2nd Prize
12 Raphael group Singing - Group (Under 10) 1st Prize
14 Animesh Sinha Singing - Group (ADULT) 1st Prize
15 Vinit Malhotra Singing - Group (ADULT) 1st Prize


Nishany Jegatheeswaran

Dance - Solo (Under 10)

1st Prize
17 Dhruv Rai Dance - Solo (Under 10) 2nd Prize
18 Niya Sajesh Dance - Solo (Under 10) 3rd Prize
19 Flower Group Dance - Group (Under 10) 1st Prize
20 Cutie Pies Group Dance - Group (Under 10) 2nd Prize
21 Sanvi Dance - Group (Under 10) 3rd Prize
22 Ritisha Dance - Group (Under 10) 3rd Prize
23 D Style Dance - Group (Under 16) 1st Prize
24 Nacho Sare Dance - Group (Under 16) 2nd Prize
25 Aekus Narula Dance - Group (Under 16) 3rd Prize
26 Sakshi Jha Dance - Group (Under 16) 3rd Prize
27 D Style Dance - Group (ADULTS) 1st Prize


Dhruv Gupta

Creative Writing (Under 10)

1st Prize
29 Deetya Pardasani Creative Writing (Under 10) 2nd Prize
30 Siddharth Thakur Creative Writing (Under 10) 2nd Prize
31 Oviya Vashisth Creative Writing (Under 10) 3rd Prize
32 Vidip Sahoo Creative Writing (Under 16) 1st Prize
33 Pravar Kulshreshtra Creative Writing (Under 16) 2nd Prize
34 Suhaas Karthikeyan Creative Writing (Under 16) 2nd Prize
35 Smarth Trivedi Creative Writing (Under 16) 2nd Prize
36 Rumi Thakur Creative Writing (ADULT) 1st Prize
37 Deepak Shukla Creative Writing (ADULT) 2nd Prize
38 Priya Shah Creative Writing (ADULT) 3rd Prize


Rayhern Narula

Chess (Under 10)

40 Advay Zore Chess (Under 10) Runner-Up
41 Atharva Zore Chess (Under 16) Winner
42 Aekus Narula Chess (Under 16) Runner-Up
43 Khawaja Mussadiq Tareq Chess (ADULT) Winner
44 Mohan Dar Chess (ADULT) Runner-Up


Aditi Venugopal

Painting (Under 7)

1st Prize
46 Noshrni Nagaraj Painting (Under 7) 2nd Prize
47 Jitesh Karthik Painting (Under 7) 3rd Prize
48 Chaarvi Velkatesh Painting (Under 7) Judge's Choice
49 Niya Sajesh Painting (Under 10) 1st Prize
50 Shashank Painting (Under 10) 2nd Prize
51 Rakshan Senthi Kumaar Painting (Under 10) 3rd Prize
52 Irum Fatima Painting (Under 10) Judge's Choice
53 Vishal Painting (Under 16) 1st Prize
54 Pravar Kulsheshta Painting (Under 16) 2nd Prize
55 Shylene Nigam Painting (Under 16) 3rd Prize
56 Venya Suchita Painting (Under 16) Judge's Choice
57 Archana Malhotra Painting (ADULT) 1st Prize
58 Nikki Paradasani Painting (ADULT) 2nd Prize
59 Rajesh Kumar Painting (ADULT) 3rd Prize
60 Priti Jha Painting (ADULT) Judge's Choice



Just-A-Minute (Under 5)

1st Prize
62 Akshatha Aravind Just-A-Minute (Under 5) 2nd Prize
63 Aadhira Aravind Just-A-Minute (Under 5) 2nd Prize
64 Janisha Just-A-Minute (Under 5) 3rd Prize
65 Janya Singh Just-A-Minute (Under 16) 1st Prize
66 Siddharth Thakur Just-A-Minute (Under 16) 2nd Prize
67 Havik Singh Just-A-Minute (Under 16) 3rd Prize



Kulvinder Ghir star of Goodness Gracious Me to handover AWARDS during VAANI AWARDS on 26th Nov 2017. Meet the STAR! Get your tickets now!! 



Hello All
The wait is over! VAANI AWARDS NIGHT DISCO is here so mark this date in your dairies and get ready to have FUN!


This year, we are celebrating the year end with a difference. Let's AWARDthose who participated through out the year in VAANI Competitions! Let's INSPIRE those who thought about joining but never had enough courage!! Let's CELEBRATE together our youth and those who are young at heart!!!

Come join us to relive those sweet memories and make new ones.

Our DJ will rock the dance floor with latest music and get ready for various dance floor games. 
Take numerous selfies at the SELFIE BOOTH
Visit us at www.vaani.org

Date: 26th Nov 2017
Time: 6.30pm to 11.00pm
Venue: Redbridge (Ilford) Town Hall, 128-142 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1DD
Theme: Back to School Disco
Dress Code: Strictly School Uniform 
**NO ENTRY** without following the dress code.

Only a few will be available at the door. On the door ticket price £20.00 per person.

Advance ticket price£15 per adult, £40 per Family includes 2 adults and 2 children up to 15 years.
**Ticket price includes ENTRY, Live DJ and MUSIC, Packed DINNER** 
Account Details for Ticket Payments:
Account Name: VAANI
Bank:                 HSBC
Account No.:      42243024
Sort Code:         40-25-27
Reference:         No.of adult and no.of children tickets

To book your ticket please email tickets@vaani.org or contact Smita on 07985249494


VAANI Competitions Coming up on 1st July 2017

Get, Set and Go...

Here we are back again with another set of VAANI Competitions. Next phase is neigh.
So group up, practice and show to the world what you've got.

REGISTER NOW!!! As we have limited time slots available.

VAANI Competitions on 1st July 2017.

Please register your own or your groups name for

VAANI Dance, Singing and Just-a-minute Competition.

For Dance contact Rumi - 07956213257
For Singing contact Rupam - 07903682373
For Just-a-minute contact Jyotsna - 07912434426

Those adults and young people interested to host the event please contact Deepika - 07878663251

Looking forward to receiving your entry.



VAANI featured on Globalise Asian

Dear Readers

VAANI was featured on this amazing new platform Globalise Asian recently where Chairperson Smita Singh was invited to talk about VAANI and its services for the community.
Have a listen and Happy long weekend!

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