Asian Woman Artist & Author of the Year Award 2018


The VAANI Asian Woman Artist of the Year Award 2018 goes to....

Dr Supriya Dodhal

And for the very first time, the VAANI Asian Woman Author of the Year Award goes to...

Richa Jain Jindal

Winners of VAANI AWARDS 2018

Heartiest Congratulations to all the participants!!!

Here are the names of those who achieved the medals this year.

Nivedita Mahesh Rajagopal Dance solo: 5-10 years 1st
Nidhi Sawant Dance solo: 5-10 years 2nd
Akshansh Sharma Dance solo: 5-10 years 3rd
CutiePie Dance Group Dance group: 5-10 years 1st
Anshul Dubey Dance Group: 5-10 years 2nd
Arjun Varshney Dance Group: 5-10 years 2nd
Jeeyaa S. Chettiar  Dance group: 5-10 years 3rd
Ishmeet Kaur Sukhmany Dance group: 5-10 years 3rd
Anshul Dubey  Dance Group: 11-16 years 1st
Devansh Dubey Dance Group: 11-16 years 1st
2nd - Bro & Sis Rocks Dance Group: 11-16 years 2nd
Anshul Dubey Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Kaivalya Kumaar S. Chettiar  Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Jeeyaa Chettiar Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Devansh Dubey Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Aryan Varshney Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Arjun Varshney  Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Arushi Varshney  Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Krish Pandya Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Jil Pandya Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Ishmeet Kaur Sukhmany Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Dilraj Singh Sukhmany Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Saisha Suvarna Dance Group: 11-16 years 3rd
Cutie Pie Dance group Adult 1st
Archana Dance group Adult 2nd
Dream girls Dance group Adult 3rd
Mia Bhute  Just-A-Minute 5-10 years 1st
Divyanshi Just-A-Minute 5-10 years 2nd
Anushree Kale Just-A-Minute 5-10 years 3rd
1st - Havik Singh Just-A-Minute 11-15years 1st
Pravar Kulshreshtra Just-A-Minute 11-15years 2nd
Nalini Just-A-Minute 11-15years 3rd
Priyanka Sharma Just-A-Minute Adult 1st
Robin Thakur Just-A-Minute Adult 2nd
Yash Kulshreshtra  Just-A-Minute Adult 3rd
Bhavesh Sai  Singing 5-10 years 1st
Ishana Shiva Singing 5-10 years 2nd
Divyakshi Purohit Singing 5-10 years 3rd
Vidisha Handoo Singing 11-15years 1st
Pravar Kulshreshtra Singing 11-15years 2nd
Jeeyaa Sugesh Chettiar Singing 11-15years 3rd
Kaivalya Kumaar Sugesh Singing 11-15years 3rd
Dharam Purohit Singing Adult 1st
Prabhu Shankar Purohit Singing Adult 2nd
Kaushalya Purohit Singing Adult 3rd
Jiya Thakur Creative Writing 5-10 years 1st
Tvisha Mangal Creative Writing 5-10 years 2nd
Aamod  Upadhyaya Creative Writing 5-10 years 3rd
Shreya Nivarty Creative Writing 11-15 years 1st
Sankar Ponniah Creative Writing 11-15 years 2nd
Manish Kandimalla  Creative Writing 11-15 years 3rd
Srinivas nivarty Creative Writing Adult 1st
Amina Agmath Creative Writing Adult 2nd
Smitha Nagaraj Creative Writing Adult 3rd
Nived Chess 5-10 years Champion
Rayhran  Chess 5-10 years Runner up
Varun Chess 11-16 years Champion 
Aekus Chess 11-16 years Runner up 
Keerthana Rajendra Painting 5-10 years 1st
Veda Bhatt Painting 5-10 years 2nd
Amod Upadhyaya Painting 5-10 years 3rd
Siddharth Thakur Painting 11-16 years 1st
Abheer Kohli Painting 11-16 years 2nd
Sonakshi Aggrawal Painting 11-16 years 3rd
Archana Malhotra Painting Adult 1st
Anita Painting Adult 2nd
Rumi Thakur Painting Adult 3rd
Samika Bansal Dance group: 5-10 years 1st
Ishita Shukla Dance group: 5-10 years 1st
Oviya Vashisth Dance group: 5-10 years 1st
Myeisha Kulkarni  Dance group: 5-10 years 1st
Arya Burkule Dance group: 5-10 years 1st
Sheetal Nagrik Dance group Adult 1st
Tanu Mishra Dance group Adult 1st
Priyanka Gupta Dance group Adult 1st
Tejashree Rao Dance group Adult 1st
Priyanka Shukla Dance group Adult 1st


Mrs Khan (Shobu Kapoor) as Chief Guest on VAANI Awards Night 4th Nov 18

We are delighted to have Shobu Kapoor as our Chief Guest during VAANI AWARDS NIGHT
on 4th Nov 2018

To know more about Shobu Kapoor please visit https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0438507/

Box Office closing date is 28th Oct 2018.

See you there



For the first time in UK VAANI brings to you its annual ASIAN WOMAN AUTHOR AND ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD 2018.

Nominations for the 2018 VAANI Asian Woman Author of the Year Awards are now OPEN.


Please review these guidelines before submitting a nomination

Nomination Fee: £10 per nomination
Deadline: September 25, 2018
Traditionally published or self-published books are eligible, as are electronically published books on a major platform (Kindle, Nook, or iPad). For electronic books, a URL and ISBN must be provided for judges to review. Only books published within the 2017 calendar year (January 1 to December 31) are eligible.
Professional artists are eligible, as are amateur artists just panning out. Previous exhibition experiences or workshops, art classes, selling their own work etc experience must be provided. Only the most recent works (period covering 2017) will be accepted by the Judges for review.

The winners will receive a huge prize of £100 each to support them in their future endeavours. 

Definition of a VAANI ASIAN WOMAN Author and or Artist of the year

To be considered a VAANI Author or VAANI Artist and thus be eligible for nomination for VAWAAA, an author or artist must meet one of the following criteria: the author/artist must have been a resident of United Kingdom when the nominated book was written or the art work exhibited, though she may have since moved out of country; or the author/artist must be currently living in United Kingdom when the book/art is nominated.

Definitions of VAWAAA Categories for 2018

A book may be nominated in only one category selected by the nominator.
Fiction - by a single author
Short Story Collection—By a single author
Poetry - Chapbook, Full-Length Book—By a single poet
Nonfiction - by a single author
In the Event an Award Is Not Made in a Category
VAANI reserves the right to not award a winner in a category if it is determined that none of the nominations should win. 


Please remember to email submissions@vaani.org after you have paid £10 for Entry.


Authors please send a copy of your book to

168 Beeches Road,
CM1 2SA.

Artists email on the above email address a portfolio with authentic photos of the Art Work.

Payment details:
Account Name: VAANI
Bank:                 HSBC
Account No.:      42243024
Sort Code:         40-25-27
Reference:         AWARD18

Winners will be announced on 4th Nov 2018 during VAANI AWARDS NIGHT. The shortlisted authors and Artists are required to attend both Shortlisted Authors and Artists Night on 6th Oct 2018 and the Awards Night.

Glimpses of VAANI Talent show 2018


Submissions Invited

Submissions for the VAANI Asian Women Author of the Year Award 2018 and
Author of the year Award 2018 are going to be open on 25th July 2018.

Eligible entries from Published or self published in the UK Authors/Asian women authors in the year 2017

Please send first three chapters of your Fiction/ Non Fiction book along with short Author's bio to

A panel of judges will decide the short listed authors and the winner.

Short listed authors will get a chance to read and discuss their work at the Short listed Author's evening on 6th Oct 2018.

More details and registration form to follow.


Coming up...30th June 2018


For ALL Age groups including Adults

30th June 2018 
Singing (solo and Group), Dance (solo and Group), Just-a-Minute (JAM) Competition

To register click here

Other important dates for your diary this year

22nd September 2018 - Art Exhibition 
6th Oct 2018 - Shortlisted Authors Night 
3rd/24th Nov 2018 - VAANI AWARDS 

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